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    Decorated type selection

    While spending some time a St.Brides Library last week I took some photos of some historic decorate types. Seeing so many styles together, filled with such elaborate detail, it’s easy to glance over their characteristics. Here’s a few of the details I love most about them:

    A: The decreasing sized As, alternately filled, provide a nice sense of depth yet the whole composition remains light. (From a sheet of beautiful 17th Century; initials) 

    S. This one has wings! (19th Century; American)

    L: This inhabited initial not only what appears to contain St. George and the Dragon, we’ve also got a plethora of small animals; goose, snail, squirrel, rabbit…The the top right terminal ends with a face. The devil maybe? (15th Century; French)

    E: Almost psychedelic (17th Century; French)

    M: There’s a strange creature gnawing at the bottom of this letter! (16th Century; Printed in Rouen by Martin Morin)

    A: The one is drawn with pen and ink as a study aid. Beautifully composed out of the most complex interlocking shapes. (16th Century, Dutch, Aert van Meldert from ABC pour la jeunesse - “ABC for the youth”)

    P: From a whole alphabet of vicious animals fighting each other. Who’s biting who? (Silvestre, 17th Century; French)

    N: There are so many swirls to this inhabited ‘n’ the characters are off to play hide and seek. (17th Century; Italian; Alphabet by Vespasiano; Library of St. Mark’s, Venice)

    R: Ultra Gothic: I’m not sure if the dragon is breathing out, spewing up, or eating this wonderful architectural monstrosity. (Calligrapher, Jean Midolle, 18th Century, Swiss)

    Alphabet: Another by Midolle. As the name suggests they are supposed to look like jewels. (Jean Midolle, Monster Lapidary Alphabet, 19th Century, Swiss)

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    Carol Belanger Grafton (Editor). Historic Alphabets & Initials, Woodcut & Ornamental,1977.
    Midolle, Silvestre and others. Florid and Unusual alphabets,109 complete alphabets, 1976.

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    Feather Type

    Wow! I’m not sure where I’d us it but this alphabet by Manuel Persa of Spain is certainly original. You can download the Photoshop file here.

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    Designed by Joachim Vu.


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    Type Charts plate 10, Century Expanded


  12. Agnes Richter, a mental patient in Austrian asylum, embroidered her jacket with text. Through the script she transcribed herself into time, space and place. Her writing orients and disorients. Made in 1895, it is a standard issue uniform given to mental patients at the time. Richter has embroidered so intensively that reading impossible in certain areas of the garment. Words appear and disappear into seams and under layers of thread. There is no beginning or end, just spirals of intersecting fragmentary narratives. She is declarative: “I”, “mine”, “my jacket”, “my white stockings…., “I am in the Hubertusburg / ground floor”, “children”, “sister” and “cook”. In the inside she has written “1894 I am / I today woman”. She has also re-embroidered the laundry number printed on her jacket “ 583 Hubertusburg”, almost transforming something institutional and distant into something intimate, obsessive and possessive. It is a compelling piece of hypertext and untamed writing.

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    Engravers Bodoni was drawn by M. F. Benton in 1926 and released in 1933. It is an all-caps extended version of Benton’s Bodoni Bold, with a few modifications for use in stationery, hence the name.